Every mali studios garment comes with a free repair service,

no matter how long you have had the garment.

We want you to have your mali studios garment for life, not just for a season. 

That's why every mali studios product comes with a 'for life' guarantee with a free repair service.

The materials we use are of the highest quality and we want you to wear your garment time after time, and pass them down to future generations. Although, even the best materials can fray or rip. 

That's where our 'mali for life' guarantee comes in. 

Image by Ethan Bodnar

On average, the lifetime of a garment of clothing is 2.2 years in the UK.

We want to change that. Extending the active life of clothing by just nine months can help to reduce the environmental impact massively. 

By using our repair service, you are not only saving yourself from buying a new garment, but you are also preventing clothes from being thrown away, saving both water and materials. 


Contact us and let us know of your problem, and we will send you a free shipping label to send your garment back to us for repair.