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Mail Studios ORGANIC CANDLE - 30CL

Mail Studios ORGANIC CANDLE - 30CL


Introducing the 30cl Matt Black Glass Votive Candle from Mail Studios—a premium creation in a sleek, partially recycled black glass finish. Crafted with care using our distinctive blend of naturally sourced soya oil wax, coupled with high-quality perfume oils.


We have three scents available -

Black Oud

Black Opium

Bergamot, Oakwood, Leather and tobacco. 

Burn time: Approximately 60 hours Candle dimensions: Height 62mm x Diameter 50mm* 


  • Recyclable
  • Paraben-free
  • Vegan - no animal products or beeswax
  • Clean burn with minimal soot
  • Infused with high-quality essential and fragrance oils
  • Proudly crafted in the UK
  • Eco-friendly
  • Cotton wicks with a paper core

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