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We invite you to discover the inspiration behind our “TRAVELLING THROUGH“ concept...

We explored the endless archives of Willaston’s hidden Hadlow Road railway station, now a heritage site that still stands today. The station has been restored to have the look and feel of the day the station was permanently closed to passengers in 1956 featuring an authentic ticket office, waiting room and telephone box.


A quote from Hadlow road signifies the last train leaving the platform in 1956. 


‘Stop for a moment and imagine - it is 1956. The train will soon be in - you hear its whistle faint in the wind. Behind you, businessmen and shoppers on their way to the city move aside for the Porter pulling a trolley load of mail and country produce, from inside comes the sound of jingling coins and the thud of the date stamp as the clerk issues tickets. A latecomer rushes onto the platform and the train steams in. Now only the travellers and staff are missing’. 

For our 1st drop on the “TRAVELLING THROUGH” concept is an exclusive launch of our MALI STUDIOS tee which have been designed in our studio, Willaston, England. 


Our mission was to create the perfect boxy fit MALI STUDIOS tee that is to be iconic to us whilst referencing key signifiers that make this product unique to us. 


Inspired by one of the original tickets from Hadlow Road station to create an authentic distressed, cracked “TravellingThrough” graphic artwork on the back using GOTS certified inks that reflect the original ticket layout and copy whilst having key mali studios references. 


Featuring tonal signature mali studios monogram chain stitch embroidery on the chest with contrast embroidered ‘malistudios’ on the back neck. 


Our tee is made from 100% Heavyweight 240gsm GOTS Organic Cotton which has been knitted in a well known Portuguese mill, Carregal with recognised sustainable accreditation, the fabric is then taken to Estrela, our Portuguese factory to handcraft the limited run of exclusive MALI STUDIOS product. 


We will always promise to show that there can be a new way of doing fashion, have a neutral impact on the environment, get back to nature and to sustainable sourcing. 


Factory: Estrela, Portugal 

Mill: Carregal, Portugal 

Yarn: Organic Indian source 


NOW available to ORDER.

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